At Sabio Systems, we understand that your health and financial welfare are important.  Sabio Systems has contracted with Essential StaffCare to deliver a low cost health insurance package that provides you a wide range of benefit options.  The cost is conveniently deducted from your weekly paychecks on an after tax basis.

Insurance Coverage                                                                                                 Affordable rates. Medical, Dental, Vision, Term-Life, and Short-term Disability Benefits. Guaranteed issue / No health questions. 100% of Doctor offices’ visits covered after a $15 co-pay. Accepted by doctors and hospitals nationwide. Provides access to national price discount of 20-30%. Wellness benefits and other value added programs. Once you’re enrolled, coverage begins the Monday following the first payroll deduction and continues as long as you have a deduction from your paycheck.

Holiday Pay                                                                                                                            We provide Holiday Pay to all consultants meeting minimum work requirements.  You will receive Holiday Pay equal to eight hours at your currently hourly rate. Requirements:                                                                                                                         Be paid for at least 1200 billable hours worked within the preceding 52 week period.  Be paid for at least 24 billable hours per week for work performed during the week before and the week of the holiday.

The six holidays for which Sabio Systems offers Holiday Pay are:     New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Bonus Pay                                                                                                                             Need a vacation? Take one on us! We appreciate your long-term commitment to Sabio Systems by rewarding you with a Bonus Pay of 40 hours, paid at your current hourly rate, each time you meet the following requirement:

Be paid for 1500 billable hours worked, without break in service longer than 26 continuous weeks.                                                                                                                Notice: After any break of 26 continuous weeks, your Bonus Pay credit will revert to zero.