From your Sabio Career Advisor – Why Should Someone Hire You?


If you listen to negative news or unemployment statistics, you will continue to be one of the statistics.  You never want to justify in your own mind, why you have not been able to find a job.  It’s easy to find reasons why the job market is working against you.  However, that does not help your search.  Just think for a moment about all the jobs that are advertised on job boards, websites, and in trade publications.  Those are a small percentage of the actual jobs available.

Ignore the news and focus on what you can do different or better to improve your chances of finding a job.  You can’t keep conducting your job search the same way and expect different results.  You can’t control the job market, economy, stock market or hiring authorities.  You can control your attitude, reactions, expectations and actions.  Make one change in the way you conduct your search ever week to improve your results.  Many changes you can implement are included in the 16 step process for finding a job as outlined in our career portal under the three phases: Prepare – Search & Connect – Interview

As a job seeker, you may face many different challenges throughout your job search.  Our goal is to assist you in preparing for these challenges.  Log into the Sabio Career Gateway to learn more…

•Your Login Information is: URL:  Type in your Username and  Password: (password you selected upon registration)

•Once you are logged into the Career Portal, click on the Search and Connect Tab

•Click on Number 4 – Solve

•Click on the Presentation titled “Why Should Someone Hire You?”

•There are 10 additional Job Seeker Training Webinar Recordings on this page that you may listen to at your convenience

If you haven’t yet registered for this awesome tool, please click on the link below, once registered follow the steps outlined above.  Thanks again for choosing Sabio Systems for your professional career search!