Many employers are conducting team interviews to expedite the hiring process. This type of interview can be extremely stressful for most job seekers. For individuals who find individual interviews terrifying, a team interview is their worst nightmare.

The key to managing interview stress is identical whether the interview is conducted by phone, in person or in front of a team. The solution is to be more prepared than your competition. Plan for a team interview, the same way you would for one-on-one interviews. Don’t think about the fact that you will face more than one interviewer.

Here are some tips for acing a team interview:

•One person will probably handle most of the questioning. However, when you give your answer make eye contact with all team members.

•Remember to take extra copies of your resume to the interview (this is advisable even when you only think you will be interviewed by one person). If you interview goes well, often companies will forward you on to additional people and having extra resumes shows you are prepared and proactive.

•Each person on the team may have different priorities so it is important for your questions to address what is important to each person.

•Obtain contact information or business cards from each person involved in the interview.

•Arrive early so the stress of traffic or getting lost does not add to the stress of a team interview.

•Display your interest and confidence in your ability to do the job.

•Determine their timeframe for making a decision.

•Set up your follow up contact.

Follow this advice and you will ace your team interview!

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