Today we are going to address current trends in today’s competitive job market and the way those changes have impacted how job seekers and hiring authorities find, interact and communicate with each other. Some of these trends include:

  • Changing format and content required on resumes
  • Applicant tracking systems or CRM’s used by employers
  • Automated parsing systems used to screen resumes
  • LinkedIn and other social media sites
  • Skype video conferencing
  • Big data applications

The Internet can create information overload and it’s impossible to determine what trends are reality vs. opinions or fiction. The following are seven trends we’ve observed:

  1. USE OF MOBILE APPS TO APPLY FOR JOBS – Many job seekers prefer to apply using their smart phone vs. computer or tablet.
  2. HIRING BABY BOOMERS AS CONTRACTORS OR CONSULTANTS – Baby boomers are the bungee retirees who keep return to the work force because of their strong work ethic. Hiring authorities are realizing the value of this talent pool for contract assignments or as a consultant.
  3. QUICK RESUME REVIEWS – Initial screens are being conducted by automated parsers who look for key word rich resumes. When a human being is reviewing resumes, they are reviewing each resume for seconds vs. minutes.
  4. TWITTER JOB POSTINGS – Hiring authorities are utilizing Twitter as a cost effective way to post jobs.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – Hiring authorities are reviewing the online reputation of potential candidates.  On Linkedin they pay special attention to recommendations.
  6. ADDITIONAL MATERIALS REQUESTED – Many hiring authorities are asking for samples of work, portfolios, performance reviews and samples of written communication.
  7. ASSESSMENTS AND BACKGROUND CHECKS – More companies are utilizing assessment tools and background checks to validate credentials of prospective candidates.

It is important for you to consistently change and update the way you are conducting your job search to take advantage of current trends.

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