Sabio Systems’ Next FREE Job Seeker Training Webinar
Monday, January 16th @ 11:00 am MST

When talking to job seekers, I often hear complaints such as, “It’s too hard” or “it’s too frustrating”, or “I’m overwhelmed”. Does the voice in your head habitually complain and say things like, “I can’t do it”?

How do you identify the tell-tale signs of this complaining habit, what do you do to overcome it? To get a job offer, you must put your focus, attention, energy, and time on getting hired. This is where you must shift your thinking, because until you do, you’re giving all of your power away.

Each one of us can take our power back. We simply need the tools and determination.

In this results-focused presentation, you will have the opportunity to:
• Learn how to decide and commit to your goal of getting hired.
• Shift from focusing on “what’s wrong” to focusing on “what
• Discover how to rise above the circumstances and take
powerful action.
• Be empowered to move through your job search activity with
• Learn how to powerfully use your time and energy starting

Come learn how you can shift your thoughts and feelings of being upset, angry, frustrated, hopeless, burned out or all of the above. When you know your power, you shift into success immediately!

Please click on the link below to sign up for this awesome event, once registered click on the Webinar tab and you’ll be on your way. Thanks again for choosing Sabio Systems for your professional career search!