When you have been unemployed more than 18 months, it is very difficult for a third party, like Sabio Systems, to place you in an opportunity. Employers hire recruiters to identify individuals who have skills, stability and experience who are often currently employed by one of their competitors.

The stability requirement is not as prevalent in temp or contract assignments. Working temp or contract jobs through a company like Sabio Systems also puts recent experience on your resume and lets employers SEE your work ethic, skills and abilities. Many employers prefer the “try before you buy” option which is why so many temporary employees or contractors are eventually hired.

Take time to identify firms who specialize in your area of expertise and seriously consider a temp or contract position. Most recruiters know when the opportunity could lead to a full-time opportunity. Often contracts can last 12 – 24 months, which again provides that all important recent experience on your resume.

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!

Sabio Systems