Sabio Systems knows how important it is to be productive. Productive companies have healthy and energized employees and they are always the basis of a successful organization. Getting ahead means that a company needs to maintain a productive team.

The workplace contributes a lot to employees’ productivity. Projects and tasks usually need focus and a clear head, but if the work-space does not give employees just that, they might have trouble getting down to work. Whether it is a cubicle or an open desk, it is important that it should be the best for employees’ health, work pace, and concentration. It may come to mind that making changes in the work-space can come at a hefty price, but it doesn’t have to. There is no need for a big overhaul when a productive work-space can be made without costing a fortune.

Here are some recommended changes to get that productive work-space for a modest price:

  1. Color Theory 

Colors can actually affect behaviors and emotions.

For example, red is associated with attentiveness and energy, while blue is attributed to peace and tranquility. Knowing how to apply the helpful effects of colors helps in supporting the necessary behavior for work. If painting the work-space is not an option or the work-space are cubicles, using furnishings while applying the right color can help encourage concentration and productivity.

  1. Windows and Natural Light

Sunlight can naturally invigorate people.

Opening up windows instead of letting the blinds or curtains down can surprisingly provide changes in concentration. Working under fluorescent lights for long can actually make employees feel sluggish. Even though what’s outside the office is not a large green pasture filled with flowers, having sunlight to illuminate the work-space can help everyone be more energetic and alert.

  1. Organize

Organized chaos works for some people, but clutter can be distracting.

A cluttered work area can be annoying to look at, not to mention it can consume time just looking for something in that area. Having a messy desk or area can induce frustration and people can actually become ill-tempered just by looking at a disorganized space. Clutter doesn’t mean being productive; it does not look professional as well. Being organized helps employees enjoy a clean space to work.

  1. Comfortable Office Chair

Get comfy and get things done.

When working for long periods, employees should have something that provides them comfort in order to help them focus more on their work. If they would be sitting on a chair that causes back or shoulder pains or any other discomfort, it would add delays to their work. Not to mention it would induce health problems. A comfortable office chair does not need to be stylish; it just needs to have a good and practical use.

  1. Good Ventilation

Happy employees are found in comfortable temps.

It would be difficult to concentrate working in a sweltering hot room. Same goes for a freezing one. Working in a hot room is also bad for computers and other gadgets. Bad ventilation can also induce a number of health problems such as asthma, colds, rashes and so on. When employees get sick, they tend to be absent more often.

  1. Inspiring Furnishings

Aspire to inspire.

Furnishings inside the office do not have to be elegant. Simple and minimalist inspired furnishings can do a great deal to boost productivity. A place where employees can take a breather or draw inspiration can help in maintaining a productive attitude. It is unavoidable that employees can feel frustrated inside the office. A simple vase of a blooming flower, a picture frame with a single motivational word, or a billboard of the quote of the day can provide a sigh of relief or a stroke of inspiration.