Whether you are a recent college grad or seasoned professional conducting a job search is a stressful process. Unfortunately, your job search will almost always take more time than you anticipated. The following tips will help maximize your efforts:

1. Identify your skill sets and talents

Rather than searching for job titles that fit your career goals, look at the required skills of a position. You’ll be able to identify the skill sets you already possess and as a result the jobs that best match your experience.

2. Utilize online resources, company websites and google alerts

Utilize job boards and website postings to not only search for a specific position, but to also look for similar jobs or suggested jobs that would interest you. Set up Google Alerts for every company you’re targeting as well as every hiring authority. Sabio Systems provides a career gateway to utilize in your job search.

3. Narrow down your job search to your “best” options

Instead of applying to all openings you find, only apply to positions that fit your skills, experience and career goals. Furthermore, research the company to get a sense of its values and why employees do or don’t like working there. Review your own network to see if you’re connected to someone who has experience at the company and can share their perspective.

4. Customize your resume to match each position

Your resume should be specific to each job you are targeting to give yourself a competitive edge over general resumes. Be sure your formatting, text and overall design represent you and furthermore make you stand out among the rest.

5. Prepare better than your competition for your interview

Before your interview conduct thorough research on the company, the contact and the products or services offered by this company. Practice answering typical and difficult interview questions. Lastly, prepare how you will show a high level of confidence and interest in the job.

6. Ask the best questions

Ask questions that reveal the priorities of each person involved in the hiring process. Let each person talk about themselves and consequently they will like you more.

Implement these six tips and follow up stronger than your competition and you will land your dream job in 2019. Check our website today to see what opportunities await you!