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Most SMB, small and medium sized business owners think that their company is too small to be a target for a cyberattack. The fact is that nearly two thirds of cyberattacks are against small businesses because they are an easy target. Statistics have shown that more than 60% of companies that have suffered a cyberattack have gone out of business within 6 months.

Article after article on cybersecurity and cyberattack vectors have stated that a majority of cyberattacks are initiated from within the organization by negligent guest, vendor, or employee actions. A cyberattack will cripple your business by severing relationship trust. Don’t fall victim.

A Multi-Vectored Cybersecurity Approach Includes:

An up to date cybersecurity defense utilizes a multi vectored approach. Gone are the days of utilizing a signature based anti-virus program to ward off hackers. Nowadays, only a very small minority of cyberattacks are initiated through virus and Trojan payloads. One must diligently defend their domain at all access points.

Let Sabio Systems Technology Solutions help by designing and managing a custom tailored, multifactored cybersecurity solution set.