Fact Finding Services

Fact Finding

Most workplace investigations can be handled internally, but when sensitive workplace disputes arise, a fact-finding investigation is often a better option. In these cases, a neutral investigator like Sabio Systems may be necessary to conduct an independent investigation.

The Purpose of Fact Finding

Fact-finding is a stage of the formal grievance process where a neutral third party is contracted to review the complaint at hand. Fact-finding can also be used for conducting workplace assessments in which organizational and personnel issues are identified. Using an impartial expert means employees are assured that sensitive information obtained in the investigation will not be communicated to coworkers or management and remain confidential.

At Sabio Systems, we know the right questions to ask in order to get the information needed to make the right assessment. Our team of human resources and employment professionals takes the responsibility of unraveling and documenting the facts relevant to decide a controversy

The Benefits of Fact Finding

  • Investigators focus only on the facts
  • Third-party investigators are not influenced by any party involved
  • Keeps managements hands clean of the issues
  • All communication is confidential