Mediation Services

Mediation Services

When considering legal action, know that there are other options to pursue. Conflict is costly and time-consuming to any organization. However, mediation can significantly reduce costs for an organization who is considering legal action. Let Sabio Systems act as that better option, our goal is to minimize your expense while reaching an acceptable outcome for all parties.

The Purpose of Mediation

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third party assists disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable decision which is fair and equitable to meet the needs of each party. During the mediation, process interviews are conducted with all parties where our mediators ask appropriate questions in order to establish rapport and clarify issues. The goal is to allow parties to understand each other’s perspective and create a positive and safe environment. This prepares parties for a successful mediation session.

Unlike a court, where there is only one winner and one loser, with little opportunity to create a settlement which meets everyone’s needs, the mediation process offers the parties the flexibility of fashioning their own creative resolution of the dispute. Mediation gives parties the control of whether the case will settle or not – not the lawyers, judges, or juries. If parties don’t settle, because it is a confidential process, nothing said in mediation can be used against a party in a lawsuit.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Considerably more cost-effective than legal action
  • Mediators are often able to quickly resolve any dispute
  • Gives parties a voice in the decision
  • All discussions in the mediation process is confidential and not admissible in court